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Tackling a DIY tile project probably seems like a daunting task. Not only are there thousands of options for different tiles and materials to choose from, but the tools and processes of actually installing the tile can vary as well.

We asked Francesco of IP Contract Services what homeowners should look out for when undertaking a tiling project…

What things should homeowners consider when installing new tile in their home?

I think homeowners should consider whether they’re going to want an installation that is going to last a long time or if they’re looking to flip the house(improve and sell quickly). There are always ways to make the cost cheaper when purchasing materials. Most of the time my clients already have an idea of what they want, I usually just direct them where to get it.

You obviously do some high-end tile design, what are a few tips you’d give the average homeowner who maybe doesn’t have a lot in their budget but wants to up their tile game?

When on a budget, simplicity is key. You could go out and get the basic white tile and do something classic with them. I think subway tiles are always a classic look that will never go out of style.

Are there any common mistakes you see homeowners committing when it comes to DIY tile installs? Any absolute “Don’t Do’s” when it comes to tile?

There are a lot of “don’t do’s“ but the biggest would have to be in shower areas that can have water damage. Make sure you do your homework and have good waterproofing or you risk causing serious damage and costing yourself A LOT of extra money.

Can you explain the difference between using thin-set mortar vs mastics? Is there a reason to use one over the other?

Mastic (tile adhesives) is designed for areas such as backsplashes where there isn’t a lot of water. In high water contact areas (like a shower/bath) you normally want to use a modified thin-set.

What’s your favorite part of your tile projects (designing, installation, etc.)? Why?

I think at this point Design is very fun for me. Getting to design a bathroom or kitchen backsplash is so enjoyable for me. But there is nothing more satisfying than to be able to install what you imagined and it comes out great. It’s so satisfying.

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